Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet me on animal jam!!!!

Hi, you have probably heard of Fuzzy shyivy and all the other 'famous' people on animal jam.Well im Elbalto , thats E-L-B-A-L-T-O if you dont know how to spell my username. I have 2 animals a bunny and a wolf , the wolf's name is Darling Spiritwolf and the bunny's name is Mythical Articspirit.Lots of people 'try' to copy Fuzzy Shyivy's character but its no use trying to copy her/him, you may look like him/her but you dont have their items!!!You can add me if you want! :)


  1. Sorry this has nothing to do with this, but how do I post someone on AJ? Marysaa scammed ALL I had, my freedom wings, robot, cloud, fox hats, everything! Do you know how to post someone?

    1. I don't know how to "post" someone on AJ but if you want to report them just click on their player card. Then click the report button, you can also choose to block Marysaa. Sorry, but maybe someone else knows how to "post" someone on AJ.